Other Fee related Information and Instructions

  1. Apart from the academic fee, other fees such as enrollment fee, examination fee, etc. will be charged from the students from time to time. The above fee will have to be compulsorily deposited in the time and date given by the institution (according to the Co-Medical Council and MP University of Medical Sciences), otherwise late fee will be payable.

  2. If an applicant leaves the course after admission, or does not deposit the fee on time and remains absent for a long time without prior notice, then the student's admission will be canceled and the fee deposited will not be refunded.

  3. The students who want hostel facility will get the hostel fee which will be decided by the institution. Payment has to be made within the stipulated time as per rules. Hostel fee is not included in the tuition fee fixed by the Co-Therapeutic Council.

  4. Provision has been made by the institution to deposit the tuition fee in installments. The student who wants to get this facility will have to apply in the institution. The student will have to pay the installments as per the provision prescribed by the institution. If there is a delay in payment, a fine of Rs 50 per day will be payable by the student.

  5. The receipt of all the fees to be deposited in the institution must be obtained from the Accounts Branch. No fee will be accepted in any form adjusted in the student's account without receipt.